Subversion 1.5 released

June 28, 2008 at 9:49 AMAndre Loker

OK, it has already been some days since release, nevertheless you might not have noticed. Subversion 1.5 has been released, bringing some improvements and changes. As a consequence, I spent 30 minutes today upgrading the tools related to SVN:

Be aware that repositories and working directories that have been upgraded to the new 1.5 format are not compatible with subversion 1.4.x and below. Furthermore, the working directory upgrade occurs automatically(!) if you use a svn 1.5 on a working dir. Repository upgrades don't happen automatically, though, and must be triggered with svnadmin upgrade or simply using VisualSVN Server (right mouse click on the Repositories node, "All tasks => Upgrade Repositories format...").

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Fyodor Sheremetyev
Russia Fyodor Sheremetyev says:

Actually VisualSVN includes Subversion command line binaries too so you don't have to install them separatelly.

Andre Loker
Germany Andre Loker says:

While this is of course true, I need the command line tools on my build server and VisualSVN only on my dev machine.

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