Things to note when upgrading to BlogEngine.NET 1.4

July 9, 2008 at 11:07 AMAndre Loker

Several days ago I upgraded the blog software (BlogEngine.NET) from version 1.3.1 to 1.4. Here are some changes that sneaked in to the new version:

  • The RSS feed generator creates a different value for the <author> element. In version 1.3.1 it was simply the blog owner's name (here: Andre Loker), in version 1.4 the name is composed of a "anti-spammified" version of the blog owner's email address and his name (here: <Andre Loker>). I don't like it, so I reverted it to the original behaviour:
    • Locate BlogEngine.Core\SyndicationGenerator.cs (in the source package)
    • Comment out line 554 (prefixed by "Was" in the picture)
    • Add the line prefixed by "Now" in the picture
  • When you receive a mail that was sent via the contact form, the "From" field is filled with the e-mail address and name of the blog owner, a "Sender" field is added that contains the mail author's name and e-mail address. In my mail client, all mails coming from the contact form now have "Andre Loker" in the sender column. Again, I reverted this to the original behaviour:
    • Locate contact.aspx.cs
    • Comment out the line prefixed by "Was" in the picture
    • Add the line prefixed by "Became" in the picture
  • To be continued...

Note: Remember to apply the Memory leak fix for version 1.3, 1.3.1 and 1.4

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Mads Kristensen
Denmark Mads Kristensen says:

The mail sent from the contact page have the right  sender's e-mail in the reply-to header. If you reply to an e-mail from the contacts page it will reply to the senders e-mail address.

Andre Loker
Germany Andre Loker says:

Yes, that's true. But two other issues do still apply at least with Thunderbird:
- The sender column shows "Andre Loker" instead of the original sender's name
- If I reply to an e-mail the original mail is quoted as
"Andre Loker wrote:..."

I might well be that Thunderbird is to blame here, not BE.NET. But to stay sane I had to revert the code back to the old behaviour.

These small issues aside, BE.NET is still a great piece of software.

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