Recommended mail anti-spam solution: ASSP

March 2, 2009 at 9:43 AMAndre Loker

If you’re running you’re own mail server and looking for an anti-spam solution be sure to take a closer look at ASSP (which stands for AntiSpam SMTP Proxy). I’m using it with my own mail servers and what can I say – I’m more than happy with it.


The pros:

  • It’s free, so no risk to try it whatsoever
  • It uses a plethora of different spam recognition and fighting techniques, such as:
    • Greylisting (which alone already keeps off 80% and more of unwanted mass mail)
    • Bayesian filter
    • Sender/HELO validation
    • DNS/address blacklisting
    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) / Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS)
  • It’s low on CPU use
  • Choice between test mode (e.g. tag subject of possible spam with something like [SPAM]) or “real” mode (block spam altogether)
  • Lots of options and statistics, all accessible through a browser interface

There are some minor cons, though

  • Installation not trivial
  • Memory use is not spectacularly low (about 50MB on a machine receiving 1000-2000 mails per day)

I don’t find those issues to be real problems. Once it is installed it runs fine and my servers are able to handle the additional memory use.

Here’s what you need:


For me ASSP has cut down the amount of spam tremendously! I’m running in test mode for two month now. Currently I receive between 0 and 7 mails per day tagged as [SPAM], the rest is blocked by greylisting already.

Some useful links regarding ASSP:

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