Missing header, footer and page number templates in Office 2007

November 13, 2009 at 11:53 AMAndre Loker

Office 2007 seems to get confused if you install a language version different from the language Windows uses. I recently installed an English version of Windows 7 after having used a German version of Vista for two years. When I installed Office 2007 (German) on Windows 7 I realized that several gallery items in Word were missing:

noheader nopagenumber

I reinstalled Office without success. On the web I found some forum threads (e.g. here) describing the same issue but the most common solution was to delete a file called Building Blocks.dotx in %appdata%\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\<some language id>. “some language id” is 1031 (German) in my case. However, deleting the file did not fix the issue. As predicted the file got recreated when Word was started, but the gallery items were still gone.

Out of the blue I guessed that maybe there was an issue with me using an English Windows and a German Office. So I copied the Building Blocks.dotx from the 1031 subfolder to a new folder named 1033 (which is the language code for English). And what can I say – it worked again!



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