Finally - stuff for the Vista Ultima users (insert irony here)

May 2, 2008 at 11:51 AMAndre Loker

Many users of Vista Ultimate have complained that Microsoft did not release a lot of useful extras exclusively to Ultimate users. To sum it up, until now, we got:

  • DreamScene. Call me ignorant, but actually I am not sitting in front of my PC watching videos that play on my desktop all day long.
  • BitLocker and EFS extensions. Although I am not using BitLocker nor EFS, let alone the extensions, this extra might be of some use.
  • Texas Hold'em Poker. No comment...

But today I found a new entry in Windows Update: *drumroll* two brand new sound schemes called "Glass" and "Pearls" provided exclusively to Ultimate users! Hooray!

If someone noticed irony in the previous paragraph it's no coincidence. Really, of all the nifty things that MS could have thought up, two new sound schemes are disappointing to say the least. It is not only that I don't use sound schemes at all. The two schemes are not that spectacular in the first place. Oh, by the way, for those who really don't have anything else to do than watching DreamScene videos, there is some new content available as well.

Come on Microsoft, I know you can do (much) better than this!

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Vista SP1: Neue Fehlerseite im IIS

April 9, 2008 at 1:04 PMAndre Loker

Nach der Installation von SP1 scheint der IIS neue Fehlerseiten erhalten zu haben. Siehe Bild.


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Vista SP1 beendet Webseiten im IIS

April 9, 2008 at 12:53 PMAndre Loker

Ich habe gerade das Vista SP1 auf meinem Vista Ultimate 64bit installiert. Nach der Installation war die Webseiten im IIS beendet. Es stellte sich heraus, dass der WWW-Publishingdienst nicht lief, weil der dafür benötigte Prozessaktivierungsdienst nicht mehr auf "automatisch starten" eingestellt und entsprechend beendet war.

Wer das SP1 installiert sollte daher kontrollieren, ob der Prozessaktivierungsdienst noch automatisch gestartet wird.

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